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Spencer is Puzzling

Your destination for, well... I guess just one puzzle game at the moment.
But there's plenty more on the way!

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What is it?

An epic, humorous, and fiendishly clever at-home puzzle game all jam-packed into a custom deck of playing cards.

I cannot stress enough that there is nothing nefarious going on with this game. I don't even know why I'm telling you that. You know what? Forget I mentioned it. 

Boost your brain powers on your quest to become officially, legally, a genius!* Submit all 52 correct answers to access the final challenge, “Puzzle 53” (dun dun duhhhhhn!).

Right now you're thinking, "That box looks like he  wrote on it with a sharpie." But it's, like, more complicated than that.

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*dubious claim  

Praise for Lost in the Shuffle!

Hear all about it on this episode of the Puzzling Company podcast

Playtime: 3-5 hours

Play solo or team up with some friends.

Puzzles range in difficulty. Start easy and work your way up to puzzle professional.

Online features require an internet connected device

In addition to the deck of cards, the game employs some feature-filled online accompaniment: Score brain matter for correct answers. Collect enough brain matter to level up your brain and unlock helpful info and features.


Plus there's an extensive, progressive hint system.

More interesting tid-bits:

  • Approachable for novice solvers and builds up to greater challenges.

  • Some puzzles require multiple cards, some cards contain multiple puzzles!

  • Fully "re-giftable." No marking or damaging components required.


About Spencer

Spencer Beebe is a game/puzzle designer with 6 years experience in the escape room & tabletop puzzle game industry. He has designed escape rooms for the companies Escape Chronicles and Level Games (though, since then, some of the games have moved to Trapped! and Lost Games). It was his honor to design some puzzles for the 2022 & 2023 Cryptex Hunt. He thinks he's a very funny and nice person despite the version of himself he plays in Lost in the Shuffle :)



Available for quandaries, collaboration and friendship. Feel free to reach out!

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