Spencer Beebe is Puzzling

Spencer fancies himself a puzzle/game/escape room designer.

And if you ask him, he's not bad at it.

About Spencer


Big fan of all things puzzle-solving and puzzle-crafting

Previously designed escape rooms, now focusing on at-home puzzle games

Tends to enjoy almost everything that gets labelled as "nerdy"

Very cool

Very humble

Current Projects
Metaphorical irons in the proverbial fire

Lost in the Shuffle

A sprawling puzzle adventure, jam-packed into a deck of playing cards.

Sort through the secrets of the cards to unlock a sprawling narrative. Learn the past and present of the enigmatic organization that crafted these cards as you’re implored to assist in its future.

In addition to the deck of cards, the game employs some feature-filled online accompaniment: Score points for correct answers. Spend points on helpful upgrades and unlocks. Browse a flexible and progressive hint system. Submit all 52 correct answers to access the final challenge, “Puzzle 53” (dun dun duhhhhhn!).

If Lost Return To:

Your first assignment as a new member of the Do Gooder Squad is to return this lost briefcase to it's owner. Comb through the cases contents and see if you can cleverly uncover the owner's identity. Should be a simple assignment. I doubt you'll uncover any secret conspiracies along the way :)

Past Projects

Escape Chronicles

Escape room company with two games - The Testing Facility and Smugglers' Tunnels. Both games received many lovely reviews (From actual trustworthy critics, not just a bunch of suckers on Yelp!)

Level Games

Escape room company with three games - The Fortune Teller, The Menagerie, and It's a Doggy Dog World.



Available for freelance and friendship

Feel free to reach out!

email - spencer.beebe@gmail.com

discord - Spencer2B#8331

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