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Fact Sheet

Spencer Beebe

Spencer is Puzzling

$24.99 (USD)

Original Kickstarter:




Lost in the Shuffle is an at-home puzzle game where you search and solve your way through 53 puzzles jam-packed into a custom deck of playing cards. While the deck of cards looks lovely, this is first and foremost a puzzle game. Answers are submitted on the game's website in order to progress. The website keeps track of player progress as well as delivers a quirky and humorous narrative in the form of unlockable videos. The story involves the game's designer, Spencer Beebe, claiming that completing the game will turn the player into, "officially, legally, a genius." As the player's progress, Spencer's claims become more far-fetched and he's clearly up to something!


  • Wide variety of puzzles

  • Approachable for novice solvers and builds up to greater challenges

  • Website tracks progress and features recommended "stopping points" to allow for splitting the playthrough across multiple days

  • Self-service, progressive hint system

  • Players unlock helpful puzzle-solving info as they progress

  • Fully "re-giftable." No marking or damaging components required

  • Recommended for 1-4 players

  • Average playtime 3-6 hours


About Spencer

Spencer Beebe is an established puzzle designer with 5 years experience in the escape room industry. He has designed escape rooms for the companies Escape Chronicles and Level Games (though, since then, some of the games have moved to Trapped! and Lost Games). It was his honor to design some puzzles for the 2022 Cryptex Hunt. He thinks he's a very funny and nice person despite the version of himself he plays in Lost in the Shuffle :)

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